Does my football bet include extra time penalties?

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Extra time/penalties are not included unless specifically stated on the bet. In some cases we will offer markets specific to Extra Time and/or Penalties and these will be noted in the market/selection name.

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That, does full time result Include extra time?

All bets are settled on the result after 90 minutes play unless otherwise specified. This includes injury time but does not include extra time or penalty shootouts. On some occasions we may issue special extra time betting which will be on the 30 minutes including injury time added in that period.

ϻis it true, does offside count as a free kick? If an offside offence occurs, the referee awards an indirect free kick where the offence occurred, including if it is in the player's own half of the field of play. ... An attacking player may step or stay off the field of play not to be involved in active play.

Brief, what is the maximum winning in SportyBet?

The Max Payout per Bet is KES 2,000,000. The Daily Max Winnings per User are KES 15,000,000. The Daily Sportsbook Max Payout (the daily sum of all payouts for all user) is KES 1,000,000,000.

How much do bet9ja agents earn monthly?

Since agents earn commission on each ticket that is placed through their shop, they can get from 1 to 20 percent of the stake (this is the amount bet by the gamer). Example of Bet9ja agent percentage earned on racing games: 3 percent of the stake. 6 percent of the stake.

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How can I win bet9ja everyday?

Here are top tips that can help you win on bet9ja:
  • Instead of trying to carry a large amount of games, you should try to carry better odds. ...
  • If you absolutely have to play a lot of games and you need that long ticket, play a running ticket. ...
  • Never disregard the statistics.
  • Can you pass a penalty kick?

    Can You Pass it to a Teammate During a Penalty Kick? Actually you can. But only if the penalty is taken within a game and not during a penalty shootout. If the shooter passes the ball forward a yard or so and a teammate runs in after he has touched they can put it in.

    What is the longest penalty shootout?

    The longest of all The record for the longest penalty shootout came in 2005 when the Namibian Cup had to be settled by a record-breaking 48 spot-kicks. In that game, KK Palace held their nerve to defeat the Civics 17-16 following a 2-2 draw in normal time.

    Is a penalty kick a shot on goal?

    A penalty kick (commonly known as a penalty or a PK) is a method of restarting play in association football, in which a player is allowed to take a single shot on the goal while it is defended only by the opposing team's goalkeeper.