How do I buy a betting voucher online?

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Login to your online betting account and go to deposit. Select Voucher or OTT as your deposit method. Enter your voucher pin and click submit. Your online account will be topped up with the value of the voucher.

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On the other hand, how can I buy one voucher?

You can buy a 1voucher from a number of different stores and voucher outlets nationwide. Simply visit the store of your choice and request a 1Voucher of any value from the cashier....You can buy a 1voucher from any of these participating outlets nationwide:

  • Dealz.
  • Pep.
  • OK.
  • Ackermans.
  • Shoprite.
  • Checkers.
  • Usave.
  • House & Home.
  • Next, where can I purchase Hollywood voucher? Top Up Voucher Retailers Buy your Hollywoodbets Top Up Vouchers for your betting account from these participating outlets. Included are all Boxer Stores, Choppies, Hollywoodbets branches, Edgars Connect, selected Spars, KwikSpars, Super Spars and selected retail outlets.

    Similarly, can you buy Hollywood voucher online?

    You can now by OTT Vouchers using your phone, so you can top up your Hollywoodbets account from the comfort of your own home! Wondering how to buy OTT Vouchers during lockdown?

    Can you buy 1 voucher online?

    Simply buy a voucher from any FLASH or PEP store, enter your voucher PIN on the website you want to top up, and your online account will be topped up with the value of the voucher purchased. For sports betting site you'll need to login, then go to deposit and select voucher as the desired deposit method.

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    Where can I buy Ott vouchers?

    You can top up your betting account by purchasing OTT Top Up Vouchers. Available across South Africa at over 6000 outlets, including Boxer Super Stores, Caltex Fresh Stops, Kazang and Glocell Outlets. If your local retailer does not stock OTT VOUCHER, ask them to give OTT a call on 087 80 50 688.

    How do I load a voucher for one?

    How to use a 1ForYou Voucher?
  • Buy a 1ForYou voucher from any Flash Shop, PEP, PEPhome, PEPcell, Shoprite, Checkers, Usave, Dealz, Ackermans, OK, or House & Home store.
  • Top up your 1ForYou app and pick a partner. ...
  • Enter 1ForYou Pin.
  • How do I install Ikeja WIFI voucher?

    Loading your voucher Once logged in, enter your 1voucher or ikeja voucher pin number in the space provided. Click load voucher and your account will be successfully loaded!

    How do you buy one bank Standard voucher?

    Re: How can I buy betting voucher online
  • Login on the banking app.
  • Select “Buy”.
  • Lotto/Powerball landing screen.
  • Lotto/Powerball details (Choose options to play).
  • Lotto/Powerball review details.
  • Lotto/Powerball confirm details of the transaction.
  • How much is a Hollywood voucher?

    The Top Up voucher amounts available are R10, R30, R50, R100, R300, R500, 1000 and R5000. Then redeem the Top Up Voucher into your Hollywood betting account and the amount will reflect as an instant deposit. Its that simple! And we all know how much Hollywood loves their clients!

    Can I buy Hollywood voucher at Shoprite?

    Holly Top Up Vouchers are now available at Shoprite, Checkers and Usave outlets nationwide! We've now made it even easier to top up your Hollywoodbets account! You are now able to go to any Shoprite, Checkers or Usave outlet across the country to purchase your Top Up Vouchers!

    How do I deposit money on Hollywoodbets?

    Deposit Funds
  • Login to your Hollywoodbets account.
  • Once you've logged in, please click on the red link labelled DEPOSIT (located just beneath the login fields).
  • You will see there are three options to deposit: CREDIT CARD, BANK DEPOSIT, and PAYFAST.
  • Depositing funds using your CREDIT CARD is one of the quickest methods.
  • How do I buy a bank Hollywood voucher?

    1) Once you have logged into your account, click on the DEPOSIT link underneath your balance on the top right hand side of the page on the Hollywood website. 2) Once you are on the DEPOSIT page, click on the tab labelled Pay Fast Deposit. Then enter the amount you wish to deposit. Then click Submit.

    How do I transfer money from my bank account to my Hollywood account?

    To do this, log into the Hollywood application and click on Accounts. Under this tab, click on Withdrawal Notification. Under reference put your Hollywood account number, and under Amount put the amount of money that want to be transferred into your bank account.

    How do I transfer money from live play to Hollywood?

    If you already have money in your Hollywood account, then you do not need to do any bank transfer or deposits to get money into your Live In-Play account. You can simply transfer money from your Hollywood balance into your Live In-Play balance.

    How do I get a flash voucher?

    You can buy a FLASH voucher from any FLASH Kiosk, PEP, PEPcell, Shoprite, Checkers, Ackermans, Usave, Dunns, John Craig, ABSA, and FNB. If you have a bank account, you can make an EFT payment to get a FLASH voucher and continue to buy services for your personal use, anytime, anywhere.

    Which stores sell betway vouchers?

    • Purchase your OTT voucher at any of the 20,000 outlets situated throughout South Africa, which includes Boxer Superstores, Kazang , Makro, Game and GloCell outlets.
    • Go to and Log In or Sign Up.
    • Tap on the Menu ,and the My Account button. ...
    • Tap OTT Vouchers.
    • Enter your voucher code and tap Redeem.

    Does spar sell Ott vouchers?

    Holly Top Up Vouchers are now available at all participating Spars countrywide! Playing anytime, anywhere has become even easier with Hollywood! Our Holly Top Up Vouchers are now also available at Spar outlets countrywide!

    What is a Ott voucher?

    OTT VOUCHER is a payment token which allows you to pay, deposit and top up online service providers. OTT VOUCHER is used in the same way as an airtime voucher but is accepted at many different companies..

    Can I buy Ott voucher at Shoprite?

    Purchase a 1ForYou Voucher at over 135,000 flash traders and PEP, Ackermans, Shoprite, Checkers, OK, USAVE and House & Home stores nationwide. Use the pin on the voucher to top up your account.

    How do I pay Ikeja?

    Ways to Pay
  • Ikeja Electric Payment Portal – (debit cards)
  • Quickteller – (debit cards)
  • Internet Banking – Available via all banks' online channels.
  • Banks' mobile apps – Available via all banks' apps.
  • USSD – *565*6*0013*MeterNo/AccountNo/Amount#
  • POS – IE Offices (debit cards)
  • How do I send a standard bank cash voucher?

  • Dial *120*212#
  • Select “Manage Voucher
  • Select “Top up with IM voucher
  • Select the voucher you want to redeem and enter your 4-digit cash collection PIN.
  • Do instant money vouchers expire?

    Please be advised that an Instant Money Voucher is valid for a period of three years.