How do I check my betslip on Betika?

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Hi Wafula Wa Baraza, To check your bet slip, kindly visit , log in then select the option my bets.

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Still and all, how can I get my Betika verification code?

kindly visit our website:, click on 'LOGIN', then click of 'Forgot' option. Enter your phone number and click on 'Send Code' option and we shall send a reset code to your phone via SMS- please note this is NOT the password. You can also retrieve your reset code by dialing *644*6*1#

Yet, how can I delete my bet Betika history? You may delete a bet from the betslip in 3 different ways:

  • Swipe left on the bet (i.e. horizontal gesture, from right to left) in order to activate the β€œDelete” button. ...
  • Tap on . ...
  • Find and tap on the odd you originally selected in the betting offer, which will remove the bet from the betslip.
  • Well, who owns Betika Kenya?

    The betting firm is licensed by the BCLB under the Betting, Lotteries and Gaming Act, CAP 131, laws of Kenya. According to, Betika is owned by Shop and Deliver. A check on ecitizen reveals Chris Mwirigi Kaumbuthu as a director and Roamtech Solutions Limited as shareholder and director of Shop and Deliver.

    What does check slip mean in Betika?

    Betika on Twitter: "Kindly check your Bet slip. You placed the bet when the scores were already 0:1.Goals considered are the ones after you place your bet.…"

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    How do I bet on Betika manually?

    Placing Bets: The minimum bet amount is Kshs 1 and the maximum limit is set in the terms and conditions. To bet on your team, SMS BETIKA to 29090 and you will receive current football match fixtures and their ODDS. To receive more games simply SMS BETIKA to 29090. The more you SMS the more games you receive.

    How do I register for Betika online?

    To register on Betika, SMS the word β€œBETIKA” to 29090, and you'll receive a confirmation that your Betika registration is successful. You can also register for Betika online by filling up the online registration form on

    How do I register for Betika?

    Simply SMS β€œBETIKA” to 29090. You will receive a confirmation message from 29090 confirming that you are now registered and ready to bet. You can also dial *644# or visit to register.

    Does Betika have an app?

    Betika : Android App. Start winning with the fastest and lightest betting app. Download for free! Start winning with the fastest and lightest betting app.

    How much can you withdraw from Betika?

    The maximum amount of money you can withdraw from Betika per day is Ksh50,000. This means that if you win Ksh100,000, you have to take at least one day to withdraw all the money.

    What is the minimum stake in Betika?

    Placing Bets: The minimum bet amount is Kshs 49 and the maximum limit is set in the terms and conditions. To bet on your team, SMS BETIKA to 29090 and you will receive current football match fixtures and their ODDS. To receive more games simply SMS BETIKA to 29090.

    How do I delete my sportsbet history?

  • Select Tools from the top menu.
  • Choose Options.
  • Choose Privacy from the top navigation.
  • Click the text that says clear your recent history.
  • In the next window, make sure Time Range is set to Everything.
  • Choose Cookies.
  • Click Clear Now.
  • Who is the richest kid in Kenya?

    PHOTOS: These are six Kenya's richest kids
    • Alvin Kabogo: Alvin, is the son of former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo. ...
    • Anerlisa Muigai: There is probably no woman whose Instagram shouts glamour and elegance from real wealth than that of Anerlisa. ...
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    • Nick Ruto:

    Who is the richest person in Kenya?

    Manu Chandaria

    What's wrong with Betika?

    Betika, one of the leading firms was lucky enough to have their license renewed. However, the firm is now coming under harsh attack from users following claims that they're canceling successful bets. A post on Twitter by blogger Muthui Mkenya, seem to have opened a can of worms that appears as a fraud scheme.

    Does Betika have cash out?

    Select the filter " Cash Out " to view all bets with " Cash Out " option.

    Can I cash out in Betika?

    The "Cash Out" option is available for single and multi bets, before they are settled. To view your bets with the "Cash Out" option available, you have to perform the following steps: Access "mybets" by tapping on in the top-left hand corner of the bwin header or via your account menu (top left-hand corner)

    Is Betika legit?

    Betika is here, licensed and legal; ready for you to register within minutes. It started out only with football games and has slowly grown to encompass most sports games.

    How can I bet on Betika offline?

    At Betika you can bet while offline with their USSD betting. Customers can dial *644# to bet live on an ongoing match or pre-match. This feature comes in handy when customers are running low on data bundles.

    How does Betika Sababisha work?

    Betika reserves the right to reverse the settlement of a Sababisha Daily Jackpot if the bet or a selection within the bet is settled in error. Betika reserves the right to accept or decline any bet requested for any competition or market or bet type that is included in the Sababisha Daily Jackpot.

    How can I withdraw money from Betika via SMS?

    Follow the procedure below to withdraw from Betika by SMS. This method doesn't need internet connection. Simply Send this message (WITHDRAW#AMOUNT to 29090) . You should send the message using the number you used to register you Betika account.

    How can I join Betika by SMS?

  • To join via SMS, kindly send, β€œBETIKA” to 29090. ...
  • To register through our USSD code, dial *644# and you will receive a confirmation message from 29090, confirming your successful registration.
  • How do I refer a friend on Betika online?

    To refer a friend, use your no. to sms ACCEPT#FRIEND'S NUMBER, send to 29090.

    Does Betika have bonus?

    Betika announced that in addition to the attractive bonuses offered to customers who get between 12 and 16 out of 17 correct predictions, there will now be a bonus reward of up to Sh five million to customers who get 0 out of 17 correct predictions.