How do I use my free betway vouchers?

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How does the Free Bet work & How to use it

  • Sign into the Betway site.
  • View your Free Bet Balance in the top right hand corner, by your cash balance.
  • Make your betting selections and add your bets to your Betslip.
  • When placing a single bet click on “Use my Free Bet” to use your free bet instead of cash.
  • Confirm your bet.
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    At any event, how do I claim my free betway voucher?

    Customers need to allow for at least 30 minutes for the OTP to be sent. Once the OTP is received the customer needs to visit and enter the OTP in the Voucher Claim Box to claim their R25 Sign Up Bet.

    In every case, how do I buy a voucher online from Hollywoodbets? Voucher values:

  • Purchase a Top Up Voucher for an amount of your choice.
  • Log in to your Hollywoodbets account on the mobisite.
  • Click on the green "Top up" button on the home page.
  • Simply enter your voucher code in the field before clicking submit.
  • Congratulations! You have topped up using a Holly Top Up Voucher.
  • That said, how do I withdraw money from Betxchange?

    To withdraw your winnings from Betxchange through the bank transfer method, read the guide below.

  • First of all you have to be registered user of Betchange betting brand. ...
  • Visit the official Betxchange website and log into you user account.
  • Click on "Account" and procced to select "Withdraw"
  • How do I deposit money into my Betxchange account?

  • OPEN AN ACCOUNT. Click on the REGISTER NOW button above and follow the simple 3 step process to open an account.
  • DEPOSIT FUNDS. Deposit funds into your account using instant EFT, Cash Deposit, Voucher or Credit Card transfer.
  • PLACE YOUR BETS. Once your account has available funds you will be able to place your bets.
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    How do I deposit money into my Topbet account?

  • Go to
  • Click Login.
  • Click deposit on the drop down menu.
  • Click on deposit.
  • Enter the amount.
  • Select deposit.
  • Select Submit payment after looking through your transaction details.
  • You will receive an approval on your phone.
  • How do I withdraw money from BET Za?

    1 You may withdraw any amount up to the “Cashbalance in your User Account by issuing with a valid notice of withdrawal on the Website, if deposit was made without using a bonus. Withdrawal of "Cash" balance is not possible if deposit is done using a bonus.

    How do I check my Spar voucher balance?

    To view your card balance enter the 16 digit card number and the 6 digit security code (PIN) on the back of your gift card.

    How do I activate my spar gift card?

    The easiest way to register your SPAR Rewards card is to dial the USSD number on the back of the card and follow the on screen instructions. Once activated, you can use the card to redeem SPAR Rewards in store. You will only need to dial the number once for permanent activation to SPAR Rewards!

    How do spar coupons work?

    To receive instant cash discounts when you shop at SPAR, join our SPAR Rewards programme today. SPAR Rewards sends you monthly electronic product coupons that will be redeemed automatically when you swipe your card or quote your cellphone number at tillpoints.

    How do I fund my betway account?

    To deposit funds into your Betway account, just click on the Betway banking button and select to deposit funds via debit card. Enter the details of your debit card and then the amount of money you wish to deposit into your Betway account. Note the Betway minimum deposit for both debit card.

    How do I claim my free bet?

    To use your free bet, simply add your selections to the bet slip as normal and click the 'toggle' to use your available bonus/free bet when confirming your bet. Important notes: If your bet wins, your profit will be transferred into your main wallet.