How do I withdraw my bonus from Scorepesa?

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Once you are logged in, click on withdraw, enter amount and click on 'withdraw now'. Minimum withdrawal amount is Kshs. 50. Kindly note you are not able to withdraw your bonus.

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Brief, how do I claim my free 88 on 888 Casino?

Once registered and you have provided a payment method, you will receive an email from 888 Casino. The £88 of free play granted will be valid only if claimed within 48 hours of 888 Casino sending their claim email. Click on “claim” link within the email to activate your free play. Free play must be used within 14 days.

Even though, how do I check my wages on 888 Casino? How do I view my wagering progress?

  • In the top left hand section of our casino lobby, click the 'User' (head & shoulders) icon.
  • Click 'My Account'.
  • Even if, what is 50x wagering?

    A 50x wagering requirement means you must playthrough your requirements 50 times before you can withdraw any winnings.

    Can I withdraw bonus balance?

    In order to make a withdraw , after accepting a Bonus and you receive a Bonus amount after depositing, the wagering starts. The bets placed if they are winning ones are added to your bonus balance until wagering is complete. After the wagering is done it gets added to cash which can be withdraw.

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    How do I get 888 no bonus?

    888 Casino Promo Code Instruction Guide
  • Step 1: Register an Account and Check Your Email. ...
  • Step 2: Log in and Get Your Free Spin. ...
  • Step 3: Meet the Wagering Requirements of Your No Deposit Bonus. ...
  • Step 4: Make a Deposit and Redeem your Promo Code. ...
  • Step 5: Satisfy the Wagering Requirements & Withdraw the Bonus.
  • What is a bonus balance?

    Bonuses are credited to a player's Bonus Balance. This balance is separate to a players Cash Balance. ... Winnings from the portion of bets placed from a player's Cash Balance will be credited to the Cash Balance. Winnings from the portion of bets placed from a player's Bonus Balance will be credited to the Bonus Balance.

    Can you withdraw bonus balance on William Hill?

    Bonus funds obtained from the Promotion are for wagering purposes only and cannot be withdrawn after the wagering requirements have been met. However, any additional winnings can be withdrawn once bonus wagering has been completed.

    How long does 888 ladies take to withdraw?

    48 hours

    How do I withdraw from 888?

    How do I withdraw my winnings?
  • Visit the 'Lobby' and select 'Cashier'.
  • Click the 'Withdrawal' tab.
  • Enter the amount you wish to withdraw.
  • Choose your preferred withdrawal method (withdrawals are paid in accordance with our Withdrawal Policy).
  • Click 'Withdraw' to complete the transaction.