How do you get the Pokeradar?

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1 Answer. After beating the Pokemon League, go back to the Pokemon Lab in Lumiose City and go to the second floor. Go to the top right corner and talk to a scientist who will give you the radar. All you need to do is beat the pokemon League.

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In the same way, can you get Bagon in platinum?

Go to the northern part of route 210, and use the pokerader, they are at level 14-16. You have 12% chance of finding one.

Just the same, how does Pokeradar work in Pokemon Platinum? The PokéRadar makes a return in Pokémon Platinum. Given to you by Professor Rowan after you complete the Sinnoh Dex, you use the PokéRadar by standing in grass and pressing the button. Grass will begin to shake and if you go to that tile, you're guaranteed a battle. There are several signs of Pokémon.

Moreover, does leaving an area break a shiny chain?

What continues or breaks the chain? Encountering and fainting the same Pokemon over and over will increase your chain. ... Running away from an encounter whether it's the Pokemon you are Chaining or not will not disrupt the Chain but will not increase it either.

Where can I find Gible platinum?


  • You have to start from the regular entrance to wayward cave, then go under the bridge & go up in every part. if you don't hit a wall, move left or right. ...
  • Or if your lucky you can find the avolved form of gible in victory road (the place to get to the sinnon leage). ...
  • Gible is in another part of Wayward cave.

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Where can I find Dratini in Pokemon Platinum?

  • You need a National Pokedex, then talk to a fisherman in the Fight Area for a Super Rod. ...
  • There is no other way to catch a Dratini, than fishing behind the Waterfall, in Mt. ...
  • Nopz U can get it only after obtaining the national dex........else u can trade !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Where can I find Gabite in Pokemon Platinum?

    If you're playing Platinum, you can find a Gabite on Victory Road at the end of the game. It has a 5% chance of appearing, so it may take a while to encounter. The Gabite will be Level 41. Level your Gible up to Level 24.