How do you see your hand history on PokerStars?

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Open the Settings menu in the main lobby. Scroll to Playing History. Open Hand History.

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Still, how do I find my PokerStars tournament history?

Tap on the Account button (icon on the top right of the lobby) to launch the Account panel. Select History then Tournament History....Go to the main lobby and select the following options:

  • Tools.
  • History & Stats.
  • Get Tournament History.
  • Conjointly, where is PokerStars located? PokerStars was originally a Costa Rican company, Rational Enterprises, which was majority owned by the Israeli Scheinberg family. The company was subsequently moved to Onchan, Isle of Man.

    On top of that, where is the Home Games tab on PokerStars app?

    In the main lobby, select the 'More' menu then click on 'Home Games'.

    How do you save your hand history on PokerStars?

    Saving hand histories

  • Open the Settings menu in the main lobby.
  • Click on Playing History.
  • Click on Hand History.
  • Select Save My Hand History.
  • Click on Apply Changes.
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    How do you replay a hand on PokerStars?

    You can view a replay of the previous hand played back from start to finish by using our graphical hand replayer. There are two ways to use this feature, using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + I or by following these steps from the main lobby screen: Tools. History & Stats.

    How do you search for players on PokerStars?

    So, the easiest way to search players within PokerStars network is a keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F. You simply have to press Ctrl+F when you in the poker room lobby.

    When did PokerStars get shut down?

    On April 15th, the online poker world was dealt a bad beat as they were forced to shut down. Three of the largest online Poker sites, PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker and Absolute Poker were charged with an array of devastating charges. Now there are several questions that remain unanswered.

    Can I play PokerStars home game on iPad?

    Players have long asked for the ability to play in a home game from mobile devices. PokerStars has now added that capability for most Android clients, with iOS support rolling out “in the coming weeks.” ... “All those apply to cash games too, along with the popular Swap Hold'em.

    Can you play private games on PokerStars app?

    PokerStars Home Games allow you to set up a private members club where you can play cash games and tournaments. All games can be for play money and real money, so you don't need to spend anything if you don't want to. You can invite whoever you want and even keep track of tournament leader board standings.

    Can you use a HUD on PokerStars?

    Does PokerStars allow HUDs? Yes. PokerStars has a complicated history with HUDs, as a large portion of their players are experienced online poker players who utilize tracking software to their advantage. PokerStars currently does allow some HUDs and maintains a list of ones that are allowed.

    How do I join a friends game on PokerStars?

    Joining a friend's private Poker Club is just as easy:
  • Click on More → Home Games in the main lobby.
  • Select Join a Poker Club.
  • Enter the Club ID and Invitation Code along with your name or comment (your name or comments will only be seen by the Club Manager to approve your application.