How does Freeplay work at Wind Creek Casino?

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Bonus Points may be used toward FREE Play, food credits, hotel stays, purchases at our Gift Shops, and more. You must be a member of Wind Creek Rewards to receive Bonus Points. FREE Play may be used at any of our electronic bingo games or slots. Yes, you can win a real jackpot playing with FREE Play!

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Although, how do you get to free play at Wind Creek Casino?

Get FREE Food & FREE Play!

  • Visit PLAYER SERVICES to sign up for your Wind Creek Rewards membership. Your account will immediately be credited with a $10 food credit, which may be redeemed at any food venue on your first day at the Casino.
  • Now, pick a machine, insert your Rewards Card, and start playing!
  • For all that, what do you get for your birthday at Wind Creek Casino? HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Birthday guest will receive food credits which can be used at either one of our 5 restaurants: The Bean, The Buffet, the Fire Steakhouse, The Grill and The Grill to Go & drink credits from our amazing Center Bar with a exclusive view of our Famous Shark Tank.

    Either, are drinks free at Wind Creek Casino?

    The drinks are free if you are playing active slots or tables.

    How do you earn base points at a casino?

    Earn one (1) base point for every $2 of coin-in on video poker and multi-game boxes, video blackjack and electronic table games unless otherwise designated. Earn one (1) base point for every $1 of coin-in on video reel, reel slot and stand-alone keno unless otherwise designated.

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    What are tier points at Wind Creek Casino?

    To book your travel benefit, please call (866) WIND-360. Tier benefits are based on your play from January 1st until December 31st each year. Receive one tier-point for every $5 played on any slot machine or $10 played on any video poker game.

    Does Wind Creek Casino serve alcohol on Sunday?

    Alcohol served Monday – Saturday from 8am – 1:45am. No alcohol service on Sunday.

    Can you smoke at Wind Creek Casino?

    Smoking will not be allowed on the casino floor, public spaces or public bathroom areas. The ONLY place it will be allowed is in designated smoking areas provided at each property.

    How many wind Creek casinos are there?

    three casinos

    Who owns Wind Creek?

    It is owned and operated by Wind Creek Hospitality, an entity of the Poarch Band of Creek Indians.

    Are there table games at Wind Creek Casino?

    Wind Creek Bethlehem is home to close to 200 table games, including a 26-table Poker Room.

    How do you make reservations at Wind Creek Casino?

    Or You Can Make a Reservation To guarantee a spot on the gaming floor, make a reservation on the Wind Creek app, at or call 1-866-946-3360.

    How old do you have to be to get in Wind Creek Casino?


    How much do you have to spend to earn one point at Foxwoods?

    To progress to higher tiers in Foxwoods Rewards Club, players must earn enough qualifying points in a 6 month period. To earn loyalty tier points on a slot machine at Foxwoods Resort Casino, players must cycle through $30.00 dollars per tier point*.

    How much money do you have to gamble to get comps?

    Some casinos that cater to high end players require a minimum of $25 bets to even be considered for comps while other casinos will gladly rate nickel players. My advice is to first call the casino's marketing department and speak to a casino host about table game playing requirements for rating and comps.