How does the game series end?

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In the series finale, Derwin made an appearance with a pregnant Melanie as the episode closes it's shown that they've had a baby boy & girl.

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Briefly, what happened to Melanie and Derwin in the game?

In the final episode of Season 5, he leaves with Melanie for Baltimore so she can pursue her dream of being a doctor after he lived his of being a champion football player. Derwin is traded to the Baltimore Ravens in exchange for Bryce Westbrook. In the series finale, Derwin and Melanie become parents to twins.

That said, why did Melanie and Derwin leave the game? She says she's working on a film for ABC Family, her reality series with her twin sister Tamera, and wants to spend more time with her son and husband. Along with Mowry, Pooch Hall who plays Derwin Davis is leaving the show. He was cast in a new Showtime drama and that show has become his priority.

One way or another, did Melanie have an abortion on the game?

At the end of last season, Derwin discovered Melanie once had an abortion without telling her while visiting a fertility doctor. This season, the show opens with them leaving the office in a heated argument, foretelling their dysfunction will continue to be a major plot point in the show.

Did Derwin sleep with Drew?

Derwin sleeps with Drew, then confesses to Jason & says he must inform Melanie, which he goes back to San Diego & does. ... In the last scene, we see Melanie over-hearing Dionne telling Derwin that she knows about him sleeping with Drew Sidora.

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Does Tasha have Melanie baby?

Feeling a void in her life, Melanie opts to continue trying to have a child, and later finds a surrogate in Tasha. Tasha eventually reneges on their arrangement to be with Pookie.

Does Melanie get pregnant in the game?

At the end of the episode, we learn that Melanie carries both babies to term. It was a small win for her, especially since secretly she never forgave Derwin for getting Janay pregnant while they were together, and she wanted to one-up Janay by having two babies. Once a Sunbeam, always a Sunbeam!

Do Melanie and Derwin come back?

'The Game' Reaches The End-Zone, Melanie and Derwin Return For Series Finale. The cast of BET's 'The Game' calls one final play tonight as the Mara Brook Akil series ends. The cast of BET's The Game calls one final play tonight as the Mara Brook Akil series ends.

Is Derwin and Melanie in Season 7?

This evening at the BET Awards, cast members of the series, including Pooch Hall, took the stage and confirmed that Melanie and Derwin will be making cameos for the series finale.

Why can't Melanie have a baby?

“Because I had an abortion with [one of the guys I slept with], Derwin and I may never be able to have a baby,” she says.

Did Jenna die on the game?

In season 5, she overdoses and embarrasses Malik when they celebrate the Sabers winning the championship.

Who does Lynn marry on girlfriends?

Joseph Morgan

Who did Joan marry girlfriends?

Aaron Waters