What does might not mean?

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"Probably won't" and "might not" are close in meaning, but "probably won't" means it is very likely that he won't become a doctor. "Might not" only means there is a chance he won't become a doctor, but it is also likely that he will. To understand the difference, it helps to look at the meaning of each word.

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In a general, how do you say money in Italian slang?

"Denaro" is slang for money in Italian and Spanish. In English, the phrase "mucho denaro" (a lot of money) has entered the lexicon via Spanish. The Italian equivalent of this phrase would be "molti soldi," or "big money." "Denaro" is used when the amount of money in question is uncountable.

Other than that, what does the Italian word casino mean? M: In modern Italian, “casino” is a slang word for “mess”. It's important to notice that the pronunciation is different too. In Italian, we say casino, which is pronounced as z. Here are some examples: Ho fatto un casino = I made a mess.

Further, what does che cosa mean in Italian slang?

Originally Answered: What doesChe cosamean in Italian slang? it's not slang, it's plain italian and it means “what”, as in “che cosa vuoi” (what di you want?).

Why are casinos called casinos?

Etymology and usage. Casino is of Italian origin; the root casa means a house. The term casino may mean a small country villa, summerhouse, or social club.

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What do Italians call Italy?

Italia, the ancient name of the Italian peninsula, which is also eponymous of the modern republic, originally applied only to a part of what is now Southern Italy.

What does Fanabla mean in Italian?

A FANABLA: 'go to hell' Ok, so strictly speaking it's not Italian. It's short for “va fa Napoli” – go to Naples – which is either a sick burn on the city of the sun or a massive compliment: as the saying goes, “see Naples and die”.

What does Marone mean in Italian?

Marone – (Southern Italian dialect) – literally "Madonna" (i.e. – the Blessed Virgin Mary, not the pop star), generally used as "damn" or "damn it". Sometimes pronounced "ma don". ... Pazzo – (Italian) – crazy, often dialecized as "obatzo" or "ubatz" when meaning "you're crazy".

What does Gagootz mean in Italian?

“Googootz” is also the Italian slang for “zucchini,” and refers to a squash-like vegetable that Italians and Italian-Americans grow called cucuzza. Cucuzza is an Italian summer vegetable that is eaten and prepared like a zucchini.

What does Fongool mean in English?

vaffanculo [vaffaŋˈkuːlo]: "fuck you!", "fuck off!", "bugger off!". It's a contraction of "va' a fare in culo" (literally "go do (it) in the ass").

What does Botchagaloop mean?

According to the Urban Dictionary, the basic meaning is: a dufus. Other sites commented on a Golden Girls connection: the Italian American character, Sophia, used it often in dialogue. There was also a Mr. Bacciagalupe character played by Joe Kirk on the Abbott and Costello show.

What is a might?

(Entry 1 of 2) past tense of may. 1 —used to express permission, liberty, probability, or possibility in the pastThe president might do nothing without the board's consent. 2 —used to say that something is possibleWe might get there before it rains.

What is the meaning of could?

The definition of could is often used in the place of "can" to show a little doubt. An example of could is someone asking if they can help someone. An example of could is saying that something is able to happen if someone does something. verb.

Where do we use might?

We use might when we are not sure about something in the present or future: I might see you tomorrow. It looks nice, but it might be very expensive. It's quite bright.