What is the highest paying BitLife job?

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The highest paying job in BitLife is going to be a Lead Actor or Singer. These careers both get you the fame bar, which can also be used to get a lot of money. The careers themselves have a high salary, but you can also use the Fame tab to write a book, film a commercial, and pose in a magazine.

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Beside, how do you always win at BitLife casino?

Here's the important part: bet as high as you possibly can on every single hand to get this achievement much faster. If you lose a hand, don't press continue. Instead, close the app completely and open it again to get your money back. If you win, keep going until you've earned over a million dollars from betting.

In all cases, how can I get unlimited money on BitLife?

More than that, how do you win the lottery on BitLife hack?

There are no tricks to this, and no way to cheat the system. Like the lottery in real life, the only way you can win the lottery in BitLife is to keep playing it. Prepare yourself to see the statement, “You did not win the lottery jackpot” a lot. Thankfully, you can keep entering as many times as you want until you do.

How likely is it to win the lottery in BitLife?

You will get a message that says you "received a lottery tip" and you should play. If you get that alert, head into the game and buy a few lottery tickets. One of those should be a winner, it is pretty much a 100% chance to win.

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How do you become president in BitLife?

To become President in BitLife, you can follow these steps:
  • Study Political Science in school.
  • Act as School Board Director for one term.
  • Become the Mayor for one term.
  • Run for Governor for two terms.
  • Be a Lawyer for ten years.
  • Run for President.
  • How do I become a billionaire in BitLife 2020?

    To become a Billionaire in BitLife, it will require us to be a famous actor, do commercials, sell products via social media, and then get a whole bunch of houses that will gain value as we head into old age.

    What's the oldest you can live in BitLife?

    A character can be a baby from age 0-2, a small short-haired child from age 3-7, an older child and teen with longer hair from 8-20, an adult from 21-64, or an elder from age 65+.

    How are you born into a royal family in BitLife?

    It won't be a job like the others available in BitLife. The only way to enter a line of Royalty is through birth, or by dating someone royal, and then marrying them.

    Where can I find a unicorn in BitLife?

    To find a Unicorn in BitLife, you will literally just have to age up and encounter one at random. There is seemingly no way to influence this and you just need to be lucky enough to run into one. Each time you age up, you get a chance to encounter an animal of some sort.

    What does karma mean in BitLife?

    Karma is an element to BitLife. Doing good actions will increase karma and doing bad actions will lower karma. Karma helps a player live longer and get through tough situations easier. After a character dies, it will say the level of karma they had along with their overall happiness.

    What does craziness in BitLife mean?

    A very crazy pet

    Can you become a famous model in BitLife?

    When you get the foot model job, make sure to use the work hard option under the job menu. You should eventually progress to becoming a hand model, then catalog model, lingerie model, and finally a runway model. Once you reach the final stage of the modeling career, you will end up becoming famous and a supermodel!

    Can you still become a leprechaun in BitLife?

    You can even become a leprechaun as a job role, at least. The leprechaun is not a species you can become. It's more of a status. ... You want to scroll through all of the job positions to find one, and if it's there, you should find it available with a starting salary of 30,000 to 100,000.

    Why is BitLife 17+?

    This game is fine for kids 11 and older. The main issue with the game would be some sexual situations, but they CAN be avoided.

    Can you be president in BitLife Android?

    If you've been spending a lot of time playing BitLife on your Android or iOS device, then it may be time to do something big. ... Well, in BitLife, you can do just that. The game developers recently added politics to the simulator game, and now you can become a Prime Minister or President in your digital life.

    Is BitLife ok for 12 year olds?

    So while older teens and adults who understand the tongue-in-cheek approach and mature content will likely get a kick out of this simulator, BitLife - Life Simulator is definitely not appropriate for kids and younger teens.

    How do I become super rich in BitLife?

    Here's a quick look at how you do it:
  • Go to a Casino (stick to the same one each time)
  • Place the highest bet you can (the bet grows as you win more money)
  • Play the hand.
  • If you win, leave the casino (this basically "saves" your win)
  • Can you be adopted in BitLife?

    It is possible to adopt a child if your partner has a pregnancy with another person by cheating on your character or by a threesome. When a character adopts, their child will be referred to as an "Adopted Son" or "Adopted Daughter". ... Also, you can now adopt a child up to 17 years old.

    What country in BitLife pays the most?

    Saudi Arabia has no income tax (unless there's a new update {UTNU}), and there is no estate tax (UTNU), making it one of the most financially stable countries in BitLife.

    How do you win a divorce in BitLife?

    You have to break them down until they give in. If you're successful, spend a year together and then demand a divorce. Under “Relationships,” choose your spouse and pick “Get a Divorce.” Since they had more money than you, and you did not sign a prenup, you'll get at least half of everything they owned.

    Can you get great grandchildren in BitLife?

    Well, technically it is possible. You need to have children as early as physically possible even if it's against your morals. This means a teenage pregnancy, preferably before the age of 16. It increases your chances of great-grandchildren by having as many children as you can during your youthful years.