What is the tab app?

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The TAB Android App makes placing a bet on-the-go as easy as using your computer or visiting a TAB. For Tote betting, all three racing codes are available across every bet type with Detailed Form, Tote and Fixed Odds betting side-by-side on selected races.

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Apart from this, how do I get the tab app?

TAB Android App

  • Hit the link above and open 'SETTINGS' on your phone.
  • Click 'SECURITY', open 'UNKNOWN SOURCES' and tick the box. Close 'SETTINGS'.
  • Go into your 'DOWNLOADS' folder, open 'TAB.apk', and the app will install instantly.
  • Just, how do I place a bet on my system? As soon as you have entered at least three or more picks (up to eight) on the bet slip, you can place a system bet. To do so, click on the “System” tab at the top of the bet slip. The number of possible system bets depends on the number of predicted outcomes.

    Beside, how do I place an all up bet on tab?

  • Select the Race Meeting and Races.
  • Select a Bet Type - one bet type per leg.
  • Make selections.
  • Repeat for each leg.
  • Use Formula or leave blank to place as a standard All Up.
  • Choose Investment - All Up is not a Flexi bet so your Investment amount will be multiplied by the total number of bet combinations.
  • How do you use multiple on Tab app?

    System Betting

  • Make three or more Fixed Odds selections to start a System Multi.
  • Go to My Bet Builder (on mobile devices, select B icon on bottom of screen)
  • Scroll down to bottom of My Bet Builder to the Multi section.
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    How do you multi bet?

    Placing a Multi Bet is much like placing a regular bet. The major difference is putting multiple selections in your bet slip at the one time. You do this by clicking each selection you are looking to combine. You can then go into your bet slip, scroll down to the Multi section and enter the stake you wish to place.

    How can I bet on my phone?

    How Do You Place Bets on a Mobile Device?
  • Log into your preferred account (either on the mobile site or mobile app).
  • Click on the sport you want to bet on.
  • Click on the game you want to bet on.
  • Navigate to the site's “Bet Slip”.
  • Enter your stake.
  • Confirm your wager.
  • Where can I place bets online?

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    Do tab tickets expire?

    All NSW, QLD, SA & NT TAB tickets are valid for 12 months from the date of the event indicated on the ticket. Within the 12 month time limit customers may collect a dividend by either presenting the ticket in person to any TAB outlet or venue within NSW or by sending the ticket to the address indicated below.