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Where can I buy a Hollywood voucher?

Shannan Buczak asked, updated on December 25th, 2020; Topic: voucher
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Here are all the retailers selling Hollywoodbets Top Up Vouchers.

  • Distributors. Blu Label. Kazang! Flash. A2Pay.
  • Retail Outlets. Boxer. Spar. Game. Makro. Shoprite.
  • Petrol Stations (participating stores) Engen. Caltex. BP. Shell. Puma. Sasol. Use our store locator below to find your nearest TUV seller.

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In any way, how do I buy a FNB Hollywood voucher?

Go to 'Buy', choose your store and voucher amount and then select 'Enter'. To redeem: Open the FNB App, go to 'My Vouchers' and select the voucher you wish to redeem.

Even though, where can I buy 1voucher? Where to buy 1Voucher

  • Pep Stores Nation wide.
  • Various Flash vendors.
  • OK stores.
  • Ackermans.
  • Shoprite.
  • Checkers.
  • Usave.
  • House and Home.

ϻis it true, where can I buy Sportingbet voucher?

You can buy a 1voucher from any of these participating outlets nationwide:

  • Dealz.
  • Pep.
  • OK.
  • Ackermans.
  • Shoprite.
  • Checkers.
  • Usave.
  • House & Home.

How do I buy a voucher from Hollywoodbets bank?

1) Once you have logged into your account, click on the DEPOSIT link underneath your balance on the top right hand side of the page on the Hollywood website. 2) Once you are on the DEPOSIT page, click on the tab labelled Pay Fast Deposit. Then enter the amount you wish to deposit. Then click Submit.

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How do I register for Betway online?

  • Visit Betway.co.za and tap Sign Up.
  • Enter your mobile number, password , name and surname (as it appears on your ID) ,and email address (optional) ...
  • Enter your ID details and date of birth.
  • If you are over 18 and accept Betway's Terms and Conditions, tap the box.
  • Tap Register to complete the process.
  • How do I use my Hollywood voucher on the Standard Bank app?

    Re: How can I buy betting voucher online
  • Login on the banking app.
  • Select “Buy”.
  • Lotto/Powerball landing screen.
  • Lotto/Powerball details (Choose options to play).
  • Lotto/Powerball review details.
  • Lotto/Powerball confirm details of the transaction.
  • How do I deposit money on Sportingbet?

    Log in and go to ”Deposits”/”Bank transfer”. Indicate the amount that you wish to deposit in the displayed field. Confirm the amount by clicking “Next”. At that point, the account information for Sportingbet in your country will be displayed automatically.

    How do I submit FICA documents to Hollywood?

    Visit http://fica.hollywoodbets.net on either your cellphone, tablet or desktop computer. Enter either your ID number or Hollywoodbets account number into the field on screen. Then click the button labelled "Upload Proof of ID/Passport/Drivers Licence."

    How do you make a Hollywood account?

    If you want to open a Hollywoodbets account Click the "Join Now" link here! This will take you to the registration page. If you have an existing Hollywoodbets Account or Punter's ID, enter it in the required box. If you are new to the site, then please select the NEW ACCOUNT button and click 'next.
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