Where do you get the Pokeradar in Pokemon Diamond?

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Pokémon Diamond/Pearl - PokéRadar Pokémon. -Sword/Shield IV Calc. When you arrive at Pal Park for the first time, Professor Oak gives you the PokéRadar and Pokétch feature 20.

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In any case, where is Route 218 in Pokemon Diamond?

Route 218 (Japanese: 218ばんどうろ Route 218) is a route in western Sinnoh, connecting Jubilife City and Canalave City.

That being so, where can I find Snorunt in Pokemon Platinum? Sinnoh

PlatinumPearlWalking in tall grass or a cave
Lake Acuity+20% L39–40
Route 216+10% L33+22% L33–34
Route 217+20% L33+22% L35–36

Regardless, how do I disable gameshark in Pixelmon?

Pixelmon versions 5.0. Server owners can disable all features of Gameshark with the command /gameshark enable false .

Where can I find chansey in Pokemon Platinum?

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  • Chansey can also be found on route 210 south. Finding it in the routes can be done before getting the national dex, unlike the trophy garden method. ...
  • After you get the Poke radar you have to talk to Mr. Backlot and he will say there are pokemon in the trophy garden BUT MAKE SURE!!!!!
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    How do you complete Sinnoh Dex?

    Talk to the old woman on the left side of the house. If you have 149 Pokemon on your Sinnoh Pokedex, she'll show you a picture of the Pokemon you didn't yet see. It won't be obvious that the record is now in your Pokedex, but rest assured - once this happens, your Pokedex should be complete.

    How do you catch all the Pokemon in platinum?

    Play through the main story until you beat the Elite Four. Along your way, battle all the trainers you find. You will see almost all of the Pokémon this way.