Why did Bet Lynch leave Corrie?

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Bet Lynch (also Gilroy) is a fictional character from the British ITV soap opera, Coronation Street. ... In October 1995, Goodyear made a permanent departure after on-screen Bet was unable to pay her debts and fled Weatherfield. She returned in June 2002 in what was intended to be a permanent return for the character.

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Short, when did Bet Lynch leave Coronation Street?

Elizabeth Theresa "Bet" Lynch (formerly Gilroy) was a character in Coronation Street who first appeared in Ep 569 - 25 May 1966. She returned full time in Ep 980 - 18 May 1970 and left in Ep 3922 - 16 Oct 1995 only to return in Ep 5282/5283 - 10 Jun 2002, leaving soon after in Ep 5290 - 23 Jun 2002.

Wherefore, is Bet Lynch from Coronation Street still alive? She is known for portraying the role of Bet Lynch in the long-running ITV soap opera Coronation Street....Julie Goodyear.

Julie Goodyear MBE
EducationSt Anne's Academy
Years active1966–present
Known forRole of Bet Lynch in Coronation Street (1966, 1970–1995, 2002–2003)

For all that, what happened to bet and Charlie in Coronation Street?

The attention of the younger woman led Charlie to dump Bet and the pair ran off together to live in Hamburg, Germany, leaving Bet devastated. Charlie returned to Weatherfield two weeks later in October 1994 and revealed that Tanya was using him and their brief affair was over.

Who took over the Rovers Return after Bet Lynch?

Vera Duckworth (Liz Dawn) 1995-1998 One of Corrie's best-loved couples, Jack and Vera Duckworth, took over the Rovers when Jack (Bill Tarmey) came into a large inheritance following the death of his brother and his wife in a car accident.

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Who buys the Rovers Return in Coronation Street?

She dreamed of buying it at one point with her then-husband, Jim McDonald (Charles Lawson). Her dream partly comes true when her son, Steve (Simon Gregson), buys The Rovers from Ashley Peacock (Steven Arnold), Liz becomes its landlady and licensee as Steve, having a criminal record, cannot hold a licence.

Did Bet Lynch buy the Rovers?

In 1985, Bet became the pub's manager, succeeding the Walkers. In 1987, Bet was finally married to theatrical agent Alec Gilroy, which was partly a business arrangement to allow Bet to remain landlady with Alec buying the Rovers tenancy and becoming its licensee.

Who did Bet Lynch marry in Coronation Street?

Miss Goodyear, 67, who played Rovers Return landlady Bet Lynch for 30 years before leaving in 1995, married Mr Brand, her fourth husband, in 2007.

Where is Julie Goodyear now?

The Julie Goodyear Laboratory now operates at The Christie Hospital, Manchester. In 1987, Julie left the series for a while to nurse her mother who was dying of terminal cancer. She quit Coronation Street (1960) in October 1995, returning only for a couple of guest appearances.