Why do they call him Black Jack Pershing?

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U.S. Army general John J. Pershing (1860-1948) commanded the American Expeditionary Force (AEF) in Europe during World War I. Returning to the military academy as a tactical officer in 1897, he was nicknamed “Black Jack” by cadets who resented his iron discipline. ...

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Never mind, was John Pershing a good general?

Pershing, whose military career included a stint with the University of Nebraska Military Department (1891-1895), was once the nation's best-known military commander. After he led U.S. forces during World War I, he was honored as the highest-ranking general in the history of the U.S. Army until his death in 1948.

For this reason, who was John J Pershing and what were his strengths? General of the Armies John Joseph "Black Jack" Pershing GCB (Septem – J) was a senior United States Army officer. He served most famously as the commander of the American Expeditionary Forces (AEF) on the Western Front in World War I, 1917–18.

Apart from this, when did John J Pershing become commander?


Who is the only 6 star general?

George Washington

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Why are they called Doughboys?

Cavalrymen used the term to deride foot soldiers, because the brass buttons on their uniforms looked like the flour dumplings or dough cakes called "doughboys", or because of the flour or pipe clay which the soldiers used to polish their white belts.

What rank was General Pershing?

Theodore Roosevelt promoted Pershing to brigadier general from the rank of captain in 1906, passing over 862 more-senior officers in doing so.

Who is the highest ranking general in the US?

The highest rank in the American military is ''General of the Armies of the United States'', an equivalent of a six-star rank. Only two men have ever held this position: General John Jay Pershing and General George Washington. In Washington's case, the rank was awarded posthumously in 1976.

Why did General Pershing want to keep the American Expeditionary Forces Independent?

Why did the General Pershing want to keep the American Expeditionary Force independent? America wanted to be in control but also stay neutral.

Where is General Pershing buried?

Who ended ww1?

World War One ended at 11am on 11 November, 1918. This became known as Armistice Day - the day Germany signed an armistice (an agreement for peace) which caused the fighting to stop. People in Britain, France and the countries that supported them celebrated.

What was a doughboy in WWI?

It's unknown exactly how U.S. service members in World War I (1914-18) came to be dubbed doughboys—the term most typically was used to refer to troops deployed to Europe as part of the American Expeditionary Forces—but there are a variety of theories about the origins of the nickname.

What was the American Expeditionary Force quizlet?

The American Expeditionary Forces (AEF) consisted of the United States Armed Forces sent to Europe under the command of General John J. Pershing in 1917 to help fight World War I . ... He took on the Meuse-Argonne offensive in 1918 which was one of the longest lasting battles- 47 days in World War I.

What type of military strategy did General Pershing resist?

Pershing contended that the Europeans had become too tied to trench warfare; his "open warfare" doctrine, he argued, would restore mobility to warfare by emphasizing American aggressiveness and marksmanship.

What was the first major offensive led by the American Expeditionary Forces?

Saint Mihiel salient

WHO WAS LAST 5 star general?

Omar Bradley

Is George Washington the only 6 star general?

In 1976, as part of commemorations for the U.S. Bicentennial, General George Washington was posthumously promoted to the rank of General of the Armies of the United States. Although the law did not actually specify the number of stars, some U.S. newspapers and members of Congress described this as a six-star rank.

Do you salute a retired officer?

Two key points here: One is that salutes are between military members. ... Second, on the occasion that a military member is standing the watch at our gates, they will salute active duty officers — and as a courtesy, retired officers — when recognized either by being in uniform and/or by providing their military ID card.

What did German soldiers call American soldiers?


What did German soldiers call each other?

German soldiers also called themselves Schweissfussindianer – 'Indians with sweaty feet' – which had an interesting counterpart in a term for British soldiers: 1000 Worte Front-Deutsch (1925) states that after 'Tommy' the main German epithet for British soldiers was Fussballindianer – 'football Indians'.

What German soldiers thought of American soldiers?

The common soldier was annoyed that the American infantry declined to “fight fairly” and relied heavily on artillery and airpower to soften resistance. The Germans had great respect for American artillery, but other than that, the landser of the Wehrmacht were often decidedly unimpressed by their US Army enemies.

Is there a 7 star general?

No person have ever been awarded or promoted to a seven-star rank, although some commentators might argue that General George Washington posthumously became a seven-star general in 1976 (see Part Seven).

What is a 5 star general called?

General of the Army (abbreviated as GA) is a five-star general officer and the second highest possible rank in the United States Army. A General of the Army ranks immediately above a general and is equivalent to a fleet admiral and a General of the Air Force.

How many 4 star generals are there in the US Army?

246 four